Farmstead "Kalna Rūdupes"

  •  apples, raspberries


„Rubeņi”, Gārsenes pagasts, Aknīstes novads; GPS:  56.0857,  25.8370
Tel.: + 371 29441918


Farmstead"Āmuri" medicinal herbs, herbs, moss and another materials works of sculpture and organic farming

Farmstead „Āmuri”, Asares pagasts, Aknīstes novads, GPS  56.1157, 25.8895
Tālrunis: 29148597
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Farmstead "Liepas" 

biologically grown vegetables, lamb and dairy products,  biological farmstead

„Kraujēni”, Aknīstes pagasts, Aknīstes novads; GPS: 56.1497, 25.7680 
Tel.: + 371 2942470
home page:

                                                                                                                             Farmstead „Domāni”

 Traditional farm animals and birds such as rabbits, goats, chickens, cows, etc., can be viewed, fed and petted by children, and photographs can be taken with the animals.


“Domāni”, Aknīstes pagasts, Aknīstes novads

Tel.: +37129195551

E - mail:  

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