Tourism pay - services of Aknīste  county municipality

 Points of Interest, service
AdultTickets for kids, students and seniors
Familie tickets (2 adults + 1 or 2 kids) 
 A visit to the Gārsene Castle and Gārsene nature trails
 EUR 1.40
EUR 0.70 
 EUR  3.50
 A visit to the Gārsene Castle
 A visit to the Asare manor park
Donations Donations
 A visit to the Aknīste Local History Museum
 EUR 0.55
EUR 0.25 
 EUR 1.35
Participation fee for education lesson in Aknīste Local History Museum
EUR 0.40 
EUR 0.40 

NB! Tourism points of Interest for preschool childern and for Aknīste county occupiers - free

Guide services (for group of up to 25 persons)
EUR 5.70 - in Latvian 
EUR 10.00 -  in Russian and in English
 A bonfire site and holiday locations in Gārsene nature trails
 EUR 4.30/h
 Boat rental in Gārsene millpound 
EUR 0.40/h


Tent sites in Gārsene castle park 
 EUR 2.00
 Gārsene castle
EUR 3.00/1 pers. (mattress) EUR 5.00/1 pers. (bed, bed linen
Rooms for rent
 Gārsene castle (Rooms for seminars and conferences)
EUR 14.50/h
50% discount, if the organizer is  Aknīste county society or inhabitant
 Gārsene castle (banquet room)
EUR 2.50/ 1 pers. 
 50% discount, if the organizer is  Aknīste county  inhabitant 
 Cenrādis apstiprināts Aknīstes novada domes sēdē 12.02.2014. (prot.Nr.2, 10.#). 
Grozījumi 28.10.2015. (prot. Nr.15, 25.#)